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Why Worry About Ticks?

Dr. David Rowland

We field many questions about fleas from our clients – but what I really worry about are ticks. Don’t get me wrong, we hate fleas. But while fleas are an uncomfortable nuisance, ticks are much more likely to cause your pet serious problems. Below are five reasons we believe all pets in Southern Indiana should be on year-round tick prevention

Ticks carry serious, potentially life-threatening diseases.

Most people have heard of Lyme Disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, both of which affect humans and pets. But have you heard of Anaplasmosis, Erlichiosis, Babesiosis and Cytauxzoonosis? All of these are transmitted by ticks can make your pet seriously ill, and can lead to life-threatening complications. We’ve been seeing an increase in such diseases over recent years in our area – check out these interactive maps to see for yourself. 

Ticks are present year round – and they are looking for you and your pet

It’s a myth that ticks die off in the winter. While some ticks do become less active, all are still out there. Some, like the Deer Tick actually become more likely to bite when it is cooler.

tick sizes.jpgTicks are finding your pet, even if you aren’t finding ticks

Ticks are tiny – some nymphs are barely visible and can still carry disease. Plus they hide in furry cracks and crevices on your pets. Because there is a tick for every environment, even urban yards, most dogs are getting exposed whether you realize it or not.

Ticks carry human diseases – protecting your pets helps protect the whole family

While tick-borne disease isn’t transmissible from pets to humans, if your dog is getting exposed you are too. Good tick preventatives turn your pet into a tick-destroying machine and help eliminate infestations in your yard that you or your children may come into contact with. Everyone wins.

It only takes one infected tick to make your pet sick#1.jpg

Even if your pet only picks up a tick once in a blue moon, that’s enough to make them sick if they pick up the wrong one. Consistent, year-round tick prevention is the most reliable protection. 

Ticks are tougher to kill than fleas, and unfortunately most over-the-counter flea preventions either don’t prevent ticks, don’t prevent them well, or contain more potent pesticides that may be of concern to other animals in your household. Fortunately there are new options which are effective at killing fleas while safe for your pets and family members. Your Veterinarian and their staff are your best resource for coming up with a year-round prevention strategy for your pets.