Veterinary Care Where You Need It - In Our Clinic, In Your Home

In-Clinic & In-Home Veterinary Care

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Are Housecalls Right for You?

Believe it or not, the vast majority of veterinary services can be provided in the comfortable, convenient environment of your home. House calls are particularly well-suited for:

  • Pets that get stressed by car trips or the veterinarian’s office, or that have medical issues which make traveling difficult
  • People that get stressed by traveling with pets, or the vet’s office
  • Busy professionals who value the convenience of having the vet come to them
  • Assessing problems like arthritis, behavioral issues, hypertension or diabetes which often present differently after a stressful, adrenaline fulled trip to a busy vet’s office
  • People with multiple pets
  • Reptiles and small mammals – travel is generally more stressful for these guys, and evaluating their habitat is usually very important

In addition to the standard service fees, which are about the same as most other veterinary clinics, we charge a flat $39 housecall fee per visit (not per pet). If you’ve ever taken a half-day off work, then spent it stuffing a couple angry cats into carriers, peeled them off the ceiling in the exam room, and then wondered where all your time and patience has gotten to…well, that house call fee probably sounds like a steal!