Veterinary Care Where You Need It - In Our Clinic, In Your Home

In-Clinic & In-Home Veterinary Care

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Jeffersonville, IN  47130
(812) 590-3081

Preparing for Your Housecall

  • Make sure your pets are rounded up and accessible. 
  • Decide on a well-lit area in your home for the exams. For pets under 40lb, make sure there's a table.
  • If your pet is on medication, please make sure they take it as usuall unless instructed otherwise.
  • If you have other pets who aren't being examined at this visit, it usually helps everyone focus better if they are kept in another room or area during the exam. 
  • We love teaching children about their pets - but if they are particularly rambunctious or feeling cranky, the above may apply to them too :)
  • We recommend checking a stool sample for parasites at least once a year on all pets, so try and obtain a sample that morning. 

What To Expect At Your House Call

Having the doctor come to you offers many advantages for you and your pet, including:

  • Less Stress - No dramatic car ride with pets squealing or getting nauseus, no strange environment full of other pets barking and hissing. Pets who are very difficult at the clinic are often very compliant in their own environment. 
  • Less Time Commitment - No time spent driving back and forth, no time wasted sitting in the lobby. Spend that time getting chores done or helping the kids with homework until we arrive.
  • More Accurate Evaluation - Pets just don't act the same in the stressful environment of a clinic. Stress and adrenaline can even alter some blood tests and result in misdiagnosis. Behavior issues and arthritis in particular are better assessed at home