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Behavior Therapy

From separation anxiety and noise phobias to the cat that seems to have forgotten what the litter box is all about, problem behaviors are one of the most common - and difficult - issues that pet owners face. Fortunately, with the right diagnosis, treatment plan, and a willingness to put in the effort to help Muffy become more "well-adjusted," most behavior issues can be effectively addressed.

Behavioral care can start at the clinic, or on a housecall basis. Having the veterinarian come to you is ideal for addressing behavior problems. Many times something in the home environment is aggravating the problem, and the easiest way to figure that out is for us to evaluate your pet in that environment...kind of like House, M.D., only we're alot nicer! Similarly, the stress and strangeness of a veterinary clinic often means pets don't exhibit the behaviors, or exhibit them to a different degree. Finally, the biggest part of addressing many behavior problems involves helping you and your pet learn how to interact - and that happens much more easily in a relaxed home environment.

We offer extended consult sessions for focusing on behavior problems, as well as special rates for follow up sessions. Please call us for more information.