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In-Clinic & In-Home Veterinary Care

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Jeffersonville, IN  47130
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Managing Chronic Health Problems

Are you managing a pet with a chronic disease like diabetes, heart failure, high blood pressure, or arthritis?  We are here to help with the most up-to-date therapies available at our office at 5012 1/2 E Hwy 62, Jeffersonville, IN.

Many of our services can also be provided in the comfort and convenience of your home. Often such conditions make it more stressful for your pet to travel to the vet’s office. Maybe you’ve also noted that your pet’s symptoms are never quite the same at the clinic as they are at home – indeed, many chronic conditions are most accurately evaluated in the comfortable, stress-free home environment.

Access Veterinary Care is here to help you optimize the management of whatever is ailing your furry friends. Whether Fido needs a checkup twice a year or twice a month, we’ll work with you to come up with a plan that’s both effective and economical. We’re also happy to provide occasional in-home services to augment the care of your hospital-based veterinarian.