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Excellence in Dental Care

What would you do if you had a toothache, but couldn't tell anyone?

Your pet's mouth is the most common place for potentially painful and serious problems to hide. That terrible smell and brown or green buildup on Muffy's teeth? That's hardened bacteria, a cake of infection called tartar. If you see that, look closely and you'll also see red, inflamed gums. Ignore it long enough, and those teeth become loose, painful, and potentially abscessed. 

From periodontal disease to fractured teeth and oral tumors, you can't find them if you don't look. Many serious problems will be missed in awake animals, and many more are only visible with x-rays. That's why Access Veterinary Care recommends an annual dental cleaning, exam, and periodic full-mouth x-rays - the exact same thing your dentist recommends for you. Because your pet's teeth need and deserve the same care your teeth do. 

Access Veterinary Care offers the best dental care in the area. Our dental equipment is the best available, and we are committed to your pet's oral health. 


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