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The Value of Twice-Yearly Checkups

Once you start to understand the benefits of regular checkups, a year seems like a long time to go between them. That’s like seven dog-years, right? That’s why Access Veterinary Care recommends Biannual Wellness Checkups for all our patients.

  • A lot can happen in six months! Clients often don’t notice subtle signs of problems, or may pass off changes in their pet’s behavior as due to weather, age, or temperament. If your pet only sees the vet once a year, they may spend months silently coping with treatable problems like arthritis, dental disease and more.
  • Biannual visits let us spread out preventative care and testing for pets, making for better medicine (and often, easier budgeting). For example, we may split up vaccines to reduce the likelihood of an adverse reaction, or take care of their dental cleaning at the second visit to spread out costs.
  • More frequent visits mean better care at EVERY visit! The better we know your pet’s lifestyle and needs, the better we are able to tailor care and education.
  • Biannual visits build a better relationship for you and your pets with our doctors and staff. Though we hope it never happens, one day your pet may need to see us for a serious illness. It can’t be overstated how valuable it is that your pet is comfortable and trusting with our hospital and staff if that happens – not to mention that you are too! 

We whole-heartedly believe that semi-annual physical exams and consultations can make a real difference in your pet’s long-term health, and in your relationship with them. We’re so convinced that we offer new clients the first Biannual Wellness Checkup free if you schedule it at the time of your pet’s first Wellness visit. We have no doubt you’ll agree it’s better for you and your pet!