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Home Euthanasia & End-of-Life Care Pricing

Note: For convenience, End-of-Life & Euthanasia services include the House Call fee in the listed price.

Initial End-of-Life Care Consultation: $129

Initial end-of-life care consultations include a full physical exam, review of history and any prior diagnostics, quality of life assessment, and a realistic plan of action for maintaining, managing, and improving quality of life when possible. Expect the first visit to take about an hour, occasionally more. Additional diagnostics may be necessary/recommended to fully evaluate your pet's health and develop the best plan possible; any costs for these, as well as medications, are additional. A plan for follow-up visits will also be tailored to your pets needs at this time; pricing varies depending on their needs.

Also understand that sometimes our assessment may be that a reasonable quality of life is not achievable, and euthanasia may be the kindest thing for your pet. Likewise, understand that while our goal is to give terminally ill pets as much quality additional life as possible, eventually we will arrive at that conversation.

Home Euthanasia: $200-$300

Options for Aftercare/Remains

As a service to home euthanasia clients, we offer the following options for handling your pet's remains at your request. Cremation is performed by Faithful Companions in Clarksville.

Private Cremation with Ashes Returned: $170-$200

Group Cremation (no ashes returned): $40-60