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Radiosurgery is an advanced surgical technology that uses high-frequency energy to vaporize tissue, allowing extremely precise incisions with minimal bleeding or damage to surrounding tissues. 

How Does Radiosurgery Benefit My Pet?

There are many, many advantages:

  1. Less bleeding means faster procedures and less anesthesia.
  2. Precise, highly controlled incisions lead to better surgical outcomes.
  3. Less bleeding and tissue swelling make many specialty procedures safer and easier, such as soft palate and nasal surgery to improve breathing in certain breeds.
  4. Less post-operative pain and better healing when compared to similar modalities (laser and electrocautery).

How Does It Compare To Laser Surgery?

Radiosurgery offers the same benefits of laser surgery - in fact, in almost every aspect radiosurgery improves on those benefits. Studies have shown radiosurgery results in less damage to surrounding tissues, less post-operative discomfort, and better healing when compared to laser. A good review of multiple studies comparing the two can be found here. Radiosurgery is also less expensive - our unit cost about 1/4 of what an entry-level surgical laser runs.

What Procedures Does AVC Use Radiosurgery For?

Every one it's appropriate for, and that's almost all of them! Nearly all surgical incisions are done with radiosurgery, and there are no added fees - we always use the best tools we have to give your pet the best outcome possible. Some procedures radiosurgery is particularly valuable for include:

  • Declaws
  • Mass removals (small masses may even be able to be done without full anesthesia)
  • Soft palate resection (often recommended in breeds like bulldogs and pugs)
  • Eyelid surgery¬†
  • Gingivectomy